New mechanical facility for packaging


Oman Foods International has established excellent automatic mechanical facility for re-packing free-flowing granules like sugar, lentils, pulses and similar other commodities.

The packing could be made from 500 gms. to 5 kg. We will be able to extent our services to your company in case you need any job works for re-packing any of the above commodities in your bags. "

Oman 180 Greatest brands


Oman Foods International products brands are  among the best in Oman.  keeping with its tradition of giving the finest quality, long grained basmati rice, 121Oman International offers a wide variety of brands to choose from. Thamer, its flagship brand of silky basmati rice, Asila, premium basmati rice, Basmah super basmati rice, Al-Ahli and Al-Watni superior basmati rice are its quality brands. 

Oman Foods International has also launched premium brands, namely; Shaffaf, Al-Rehan basmati rice. Shaffaf Gold and Asila Gold are the other two brands developed by the company to market premium quality Indian rice. The worth of this pearly white rice is evident when each grain blooms into a fragrant flower on cooking.

In short, Oman Foods International  has all variants of rice to cater to national and expatriate population and enjoys a market share of 15 per cent. Over the years the company’s strategy to consolidate its market position has been to increase the range of products, catering to all sections of the society.

Oman Foods International’s product range includes a rich spread to suit every individual taste. Pulses, Lentils, Sugar, and other commodities are sold under the brand name BASMAH in small consumer packs of 1kg, 2kg and 5kg. Packed at the company’s Automatic Packing Machine, these packs are tailored to customer needs.