Factory Facilities

Processing the Golden Grains:

Oman Foods International has state-of-the art processing unit established in Rusayl Industrial Estate. The plant is capable of processing the brown rice in to super silky polished rice.

Oman Foods International makes a conscious effort to give you consistent quality. This is possible through stringent checks from the place of procurement to the final packing.

Oman Foods International selects the best variety of rice, process it using the best machines and finally give you a product that is best in quality.

Renowned technical know-how from Buhler, Germany, and high-tech machinery including the destoners, double stage mist polishers, graders and a highly sensitive colour sortexer, gives the Company a cutting edge advantage.

The processing of rice includes cleaning (to remove foreign particles), whitening (to remove bran) thus making the rice whiter, polishing (to give the rice kernels a pearly look) and sorting (to remove any colored grains). Finally, it is graded according to size.